We will create a profile for each of our clients, detailing the information we gather from discussing with you the needs and requirements you have from your childcare worker.

Adverts will be produced and placed, via suitable sources, to ensure we attract the right candidates for you.

Applicants will be shortlisted for the next stage of the recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants, at this stage, will be notified.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to complete an application form. The application form will provide us with a greater insight into the experience of the applicant, their reasons for applying, career aspirations and their qualifications, experience and training.

Application forms will be evaluated and applicants will be further shortlisted.

We will conduct an initial interview with the shortlisted applicants by telephone to discuss the role and assess their suitability. We will use this opportunity to gauge the applicant’s genuine interest and commitment and long term availability and advise them on the checks which will be undertaken eg references and DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service previously known as CRB checks).

A face to face interview will be arranged with applicants who successfully passed the telephone interview stage. The purpose of this meeting will be to:

  • Check and verify the applicant’s ID
  • Discuss the role in further detail and gain further understanding of previous experience and training and their future plans.
  • Check how they present themselves and how they would fit in with the family they might support.

We will create a profile for each of the final selected applicants for our client to choose who they would like to meet.

Once our client has made their selection from the profiles provided, we will apply for references and DBS checks.

Once references have been verified and DBS checks are complete we will arrange a meeting for our client to meet their selected candidates. This can either be arranged in the family home or at an agreed neutral location.

Once a candidate has accepted an offer of employment for our client we will source and facilitate any training that is necessary for the role. As their employer, training costs will be payable by the client. We will advise you of the start and end dates of the training. The Perfect Childcare Company will endeavour to match suitably trained childcare workers, but additional training may be required if a candidate’s training is out of date or specialist training is required to meet the family’s needs.

A start date can be agreed in advance for immediately after completion of training. Alternatively, a childcare worker can start prior to the completion of training as long as there will be full parental supervision for the period. This might be in the form of an induction period to familiarise the childcare worker with the family and their home.

As an employee, the childcare worker will need to be provided with a Contract of Employment. For further information and advice, visit http://www.acas.org.uk or www.nannytax.co.uk

It is advisable that an induction is arranged between the family and the childcare worker to discuss the finer details of the role, timings, medical needs, expectations and to generally get to know each other a little before the start date. This is also a good opportunity to discuss and agree the content of the Contract of Employment and iron out any issues which both parties might have thought of since the initial meeting.